• Asthma miracle from the Oceans
  • Combet lung inflammation - Breathing relief
  • Asthma relief - Hayfever relief
  • Suitable for adults and children
  • 30 softgel capsules

The unique, specially produced Green-Lipped Mussel Oil contained in every Asmanol softgel capsule has been proven to be a natural, safe and very effective inhibitor of what is known as the Lipoxygenase pathway in humans. This pathway plays a very important part in many inflammatory diseases, particularly Asthma and also Osteoarthritis, causing what is known as Leukotrenes to be produced, which are responsible for starting and prolonging the process of Inflammation. The unique group of substances which exist in Asmanol's Green-Lipped Mussel Oil are the most powerful inhibitors of the Lipooxygenase pathway where the Leukotrenes are produced, and are the magical answer for the Scientists who have been searching for just such a safe, natural and effective solution for many years. A study Does Asmanol help with any other kind of breathing problem? Asmanol has been found to help with a number of other breathing problems that are caused by inflammation. Hay Fever sufferers who experience a tightening of the chest, have found a great deal of benefit from the product. People suffering from the many types of lung inflammation, colds, flu or even bronchitis have also reported that they have felt a great deal of benefit from Asmanol. What other benefits does taking Asmanol have? Asmanol with it's powerful anti-inflammatory properties is also extremely effective for people suffering from the agonising condition of Arthritis; with many people reporting tremendous relief from their pain and much greater joint mobility after taking the product. In addition people with inflamed skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis; and other types of allergies caused by irritation have found great benefits from Asmanol.