• Arthritis miracle from the Oceans!
  • Eliminate Joint Pain - Aid Joint Lubrication
  • Enhance Joint Mobility - Anti-inflammatory
  • Alleviate Inflammation - Combat Arthritis
  • 90 hardgel capsules
"Greenlipped Mussel Oil Extract is the most powerful anti-inflammatory available. Its Anti-inflammatory pain relieving action is superior to any conventional pharmaceutical medicine" G.M Halpern MD Ph.D Pernol's main active ingredient is a patented, highly purified 99% stabilised pharmaceutical grade oil, extracted from the Green Lipped Mussels (Perna canaliculus) which are exclusive to the New Zealand coastline along the South Island. It is a unique chronic joint pain and inflammation product, new to the UK and EU, which completely alleviates inflammation, eliminating swelling, pain, joint stiffness, lack of mobility, irritation and the wearing down of cartilage. This miracle product is totally natural and safe, with no known side effects or interactions with any other form of medication. Due to its unique anti-inflammatory action on the respiratory airways, Pernol is also a fantastic product for Asthma sufferers.