Prostease Patch


The brand new, revolutionary prostate product that has never been possible to produce before! It’s taken many years to develop and be fully satisfied with a patch formulation good enough to sit beside our best-selling ProstEase Plus tablets! This product will give incredible results for all men who suffer with a prostate problem, and it’s so convenient to take - JUST STICK IT ON

Anyone suffering from the symptoms of an enlarged prostate could benefit from using ProstEase Patch. In fact, if you suffer from any of the symptoms below, our key discovery, Transdermal Prostate Patches could be the solution you are looking for.

  • Bathroom visits during the night disrupting your sleep
  • A weak stream of urine
  • Sudden and frequent urges to urinate
  • The feeling your bladder is never fully emptied
  • A painful and burning sensation when urinating
  • Reduced sex drive

All 5 of the most powerful natural prostate protection ingredients are now available in the most effective, easiest and safest form.

With ingredients regularly prescribed in Europe (where prostate rates are 50% less). ProstEase Patch is now available in the U.K. At last you too can naturally and effectively put the misery of prostate problems behind you. Each ProstEase Patch contains exactly the precise dose, automatically.