ProstEase Plus Tablets


  • don't be crippled by your Prostate!
  • Getting up at night to urinate? Feeling that your bladder never empties?
  • Embarrassing incontinence? Slow urine flow or dribbling?
  • Reduced sex drive?
  • 60 tablets = 30 day supply

ProstEase Plus is now widely recognised as a comprehensive and successful natural treatment for symptoms arising from prostate conditions which beset many men over the age of 45. ProstEase Plus' balanced and proven formulation relieves the symptoms of an enlarged prostate gland. ProstEase Plus has no known side effects or conflicts with other medications. As well as primary prostate benefits, many men who use ProstEase Plus as a general health supplement report that it increases vitality, feelings of well-being and potence. ProstEase Plus contains the latest clinically trialled ingredients and includes amongst its comprehensive formulation of 25 ingredients the Saw Palmetto Berry, which has been recognised by the US Pharmacopoeia for over 100 years, and approved by the respected German Commission E as a proven treatment. Over 20 clinical studies attest that Saw Palmetto relieved all major symptoms of Prostate related problems. Even if you've tried other natural health treatments in the past without success, we recommend you experience the ProstEase Plus benefits and difference for yourself.