Sleep'n Restore


Comprehensive night-time formula
  • Don't sleep?
  • Feel tired all of the time?
  • Fall asleep during the day?
  • Find it difficult to concentrate?
  • Find it hard to make decisions?
  • Start to feel depressed?
  • Worry about not sleeping?
  • Raised blood pressure?
  • Weight problems?
  • Inability to work?
  • 30 Hardgel Capsules
This comprehensive night-time formula helps promote a more restful, deeper sleep while supporting your body's natural restoration processes. The combination of Melatonin and Valerian helps promote normal sleep patterns, while our powerful antioxidant formula provides your resting body with the fighting power it needs to restore and protect its cells from damage developed due to poor diet and a busy lifestyle.
Key Ingredients
Melatonin is the most powerful natural hormone we make naturally in our bodies. Melatonin maintains the Circadian Rhythm of our body. The Circadian Rhythm is the built-in 24-Hour “clock” inside our body which plays an important role when we should wake up and when we should fall asleep. Melatonin has other uses aside from improving sleep. Studies show that it can be used as an antioxidant, cancer protective agent, skin protective agent, contraceptive and as a treatment for Seasonal affective
Valerian can help you get a restful night's sleep without feeling groggy in the morning. It has no known side effects and is not addictive. Valerian is one of the best gentle and harmless herbal sleeping remedies, it enhances the natural body process of slipping into sleep and making the stresses of the day recede.
L-Glutamine is helpful for people who have trouble falling asleep. This amino acid also helps reduce cravings for sugar and alcohol and has been found to be an important supplement for those suffering from alcoholism and drug addiction. L-Glutamine supplentation seems to stimulate mental function helping in some cases to improve alertness and learning.